Argenta Disctrict, North Litle Rock, Arkansas
Riverfront Park, North Little Rock, Arkansas


Argenta, so named for a silver mine, is the historic name of North Little Rock.  Today, Argenta refers to the commercial and residential area of the city that from its earliest beginnings upon the banks of the Arkansas River.  It contains buildings from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, as well as newer buildings of compatible construction.  Today, it is a thriving community, containing businesses and families.  Restaurants, salons, studios, galleries, specialty shops, performance theatres, banks, and more provide services and entertainment to local and regional residents and area visitors.  City services are located in the district, as are city parks, community gardens, churches, and a bountiful farmers market.  Argenta is also home to an Arts District, non-profits organizations, and a farmers market.  Riverfront Park is flanked by Dickey Stephens Park, home to the Arkansas Travellers baseball team, and Verizon Area, which is host to major concerts and other large-scale events.



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